As you know, observing the care that the nose surgeon recommends for your dear patients after surgery has a huge impact on the outcome of the nose, one of the most important care is how to sleep after the nose surgery which should be very important. pay attention.

Sleeping After Rhinoplasty 

It is advisable to have an absolute few days (three to five days) of absolute rest.

The best post-operative sleep mode is to sleep straight. Because sleeping too much leads to nasal swelling and in some cases deforms the nasal structure.

sleeping after rhinoplasty

While sleeping, put some pillows under your head to keep your head above your feet and less swelling in your head.

After nose surgery try to provide a good environment for your sleep to get a good sleep (the best place to sleep in bed).This means trying not to sleep with your children as you may have problems with your baby’s nose.Tips on how to sleep after a nose surgery can easily get a good result after a nose surgery.

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