If you have had nasal surgery once, wait at least a year for nasal repair and then take action.Please read this page for sufficient information on the repair.

What is a nose repair surgery?

Revision Rhinoplasty is a procedure performed to repair and correct defects caused by previous nasal surgery.

In some cases, the nose surgeon does not pay attention to the details and causes minor defects, which makes the patient not fully satisfied with the aesthetic operation of his nose.

In order to repair the nose, the best nasal surgeon pays attention to the position of the intra-nasal cartilage as well as the defects in the first nasal surgery.The position of the nose before the first nose surgery is also examined.

Defects that can be corrected in practice:

  • Removing the low tip of the nose due to improper use of techniques during nose cosmetic surgery.
  • The tip of the nose is raised.
  • There is a tilt and a deflection of the nose.
  • Bump or shortness of the tip of the nose.

Should a general anesthesia be performed for nasal repair?

Nose repair surgery can be performed for a variety of purposes.Nasal surgery can be performed with local anesthesia if mild or minor problems are resolved.

But in more severe cases the specialist must perform anesthesia for the patient;Because during anesthesia the nasal surgeon can more easily control the nasal surgery.

Why wait a year or more for a nose repair?

Nasal wounds should have disappeared or healed to a high percentage during the procedure;It takes a year for the wound to heal and the skin to become attached to the nasal skeleton (because the nose is removed from the nasal skeleton during surgery) and generally the final outcome (one final appearance of the nose) is determined after one year or more. 

Finally, it should be said that you have a reasonable expectation about the outcome of a nasal reconstruction surgery and remember that only the nose will be reconstructed and will not return to its original state.

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