This page will familiarize you with bone nose surgery and bone nose characteristics.

Nose Bone surgery

A nose with thin skin and strong cartilage is called a bony nose.These can be achieved by applying appropriate surgical techniques, fine nose, and appropriate surgery.

The thinness of the nose makes the nose look more beautiful and shapely after surgery.

Proper nasal surgery and with enough patience and care can be expected to have a beautiful nose that fits in well with other facial features from bone surgery.

The characteristics of the bony nose are:

  • Having strong bones and cartilage.
  • Hunched or deflected.
  • Thin skin with thin blades.

It should be noted that bone nose surgery has a better and more beautiful result, while broiler nose surgery is likely to produce a poorer outcome.

Anyone who is planning a nose surgery is advised to see Dr. Arash Sharafian’s nasal surgery portfolio.

The Cost of Bone Nasal Surgery

The cost of bone nose surgery is similar to other surgeries.To get the best results for nose surgery, the patient must be closely examined by a physician. The doctor will announce the final cost.

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