Meaty nose surgery is one of the most difficult nose surgeries on this page to explain and answer frequently asked questions of clients.

Meaty nose surgery

A nose with thick skin and cartilage that is thin and weak is called a fleshy nose.

Specifications of broiler nose are:

  • The width of the nose blades are thick and wide.
  • The tip of the nose is wide and round in appearance.
  • The skin of the broiler’s nose has many fat glands.
  • Cartilage of the fleshy nose is weak and thin.
    There is much flexibility in the fleshy nose.

Are fleshy noses reversible over time?

As it was said, the fleshy nose has thin and weak cartilage that was shaved and polished by the old techniques of cartilage surgery (so-called reduction techniques). The nose appeared smaller and prettier for a while, but over time and through the healing process, the nose shrank and tilted downwards.

But nowadays cartilage strengthening techniques are used for broiler nose surgery. With the passage of time and after the healing process, the fleshy nose or fleshy nasal bumps return very little and may not happen at all.

The Cost of broiler nose surgery

Due to the thickness of the nasal skin and poor cartilage, the cost of this nasal surgery is slightly different from other surgeries.

As the fleshiness of the nose skin varies from person to person, so does the cost of broiler nose surgery.

That is why we hear different prices for broiler nose surgery; after the patients are examined by the nose surgeon, the final cost of the nasal cosmetic procedure is determined.

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